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Newsletter Summer 2017


Dear Member,

I have just finished writing a small report for All About Rustington and thought I would take the opportunity to send you a copy of this report in form of a Newsletter.  I am sure that you are all interested to know how our visit to Künzell went.

A group of 15 members of the Twinning Association took part in this year’s exchange visit to Künzell.  Seven of us flew into Frankfurt and were collected at the airport and the other eight made their own way by car, caravan and motorhome, but we all arrived together at the Rathaus in Künzell where we were greeted and welcomed by the Bürgermeister and our hosts.

A full programme had been put together for us and we started early the next day to visit a college in Fulda. Our guide, a teacher, was able to explain in perfect English the different specialist areas they were teaching, concentrating however on informatics and technology.  In the evening we attended a BBQ to which local dignitaries and politicians had been invited. The Bürgermeister made a welcome speech and we thanked him by presenting him with a turned Elmwood bowl with a plaque commemorating the event. The Association is now in its 15th year.   The evening ended on a rather jolly note as the beer was flowing out of a seemingly bottomless barrel.

For the next day a coach trip to the town of Würzburg was organised. The bus dropped us off at the 11th century fortress Marienberg, from where we walked back down to the river Main, crossing over a pedestrian bridge into the old town for our lunch near the old market. A visit to the Residence Palace, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, brought our visit in this fascinating town to an end.  However jollities continued until late into the night at the Wiesenmühle restaurant, which, incidentally, owns the largest productively used millwheel in Europe.

The following day, we set off to visit another Mill, not in a restaurant but one of the few still working mills in the region. The mill is driven by a waterwheel and is in daily use, milling floor which is sold to specific outlets.  After lunch we travelled on to the town of Schlitz where we were able to visit a distillery that distilled all sort of Schnapps and Liqueurs. The best bit was of course the tasting session, where we could sample any of their products.

The last day saw us back in Fulda where two guides enlightened us on the history of some of the buildings and other interesting places in the town.  Lunch was in an ice cream parlour and the feedback is that it was very difficult to choose. Then it was sadly time to say our goodbyes. It was a fantastic visit and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Rustington visits Künzell every 2nd year and the information is released to all members as soon as the invitation is issued by Künzell. We welcome members to apply for inclusion in this journey as it is really lovely to see the friendships between individuals flourishing.  It has also been nice to see people who are unable to speak any German coming along, not knowing what to expect from this visit, and making friends and communicating perfectly well with their hosts.

Back in Rustington, we have welcomed a new member to the Association, being Darlington Court Care Home, who have been put in contact with a Care Home in Künzell.  This is what the idea of twinning is all about, an exchange of knowledge and practice, and forging friendships.

I should like to apologise for the late cancellation of our planned BBQ at Sandfield House which was to take place on the 15th July.  A very late decision was made to change venues which backfired on us.  I am sorry that happened and I will aim to be better prepared the next time.

After the summer break our next events are planned as follows:

9th September, Horserace, Guide Hall

7th October, Shuffleboard, Guide Hall

4th November, Quiz, Guide Hall

2nd December, Advent Celebration, Memorial Hall, Woodlands Centre

For more details see our website www.rustingtontwinning.org.uk or contact Gina Ali on 01903 782185 /email: Gisela.ali@sky.com

We hope that you will be able to join us at the events and look forward to seeing you then. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely weather and have a relaxing holiday.

Gina Ali